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Talenta by Mekari

HRIS Management

Talenta, the HR software for effective business operations. Mekari Talenta has comprehensive features ranging from payroll to managing employee benefits for more effective HR operations.

At Talenta, the end-to-end design process begins with deep research and understanding of users' needs, pain points, and behaviors, informing tailored product design. The design team creates meaningful prototypes, tests and iterates based on feedback and insights, while keeping in mind business objectives. This iterative approach yields functional, intuitive, and delightful products that help users solve problems and drive business success.

Most of the work I handle is related to Talenta, including delivering various features such as:

︎ Time management
 - Live attendance
 - Talenta portal
 - Time off
 - Overtime
 - Calendar
 - Scheduler
 - Timesheet
 - Settings and policies 

︎ HR Analytics
 - Headcount
 - Attendance
 - Payroll
 - Performance
 - Overtime
 - Custom dashboard

Mekari’s Talenta ︎︎︎